BuyCube – Business Intelligence Reporting

What is BuyCube?

  • BuyCube reporting ¬†incorporates business intelligence and business analytics, both use data, but business intelligence uses historical data to learn from past decisions while business analytics is forward-looking and attempts to predict what will happen in the future,. Driving business decision making is the primary use of business intelligence.
  • Buy Links BuyCube module adds another dimension to forecasting and analysis by utilizing the dynamic and drag and drop functionality to create reports to better understand historical, live, and predictable data.
    • BuyCube reporting is the foundation of business intelligence, focusing on and visualizing data in formats such as graphs, tables, and charts.
    • BuyCube reporting enhances the goal of business of intelligence reporting by enabling end-users to access detail level data in a way that is can be easily analyzed, and understood.
    • BuyCube reporting gives users the ability to turn data into actionable information
    • BuyCube reporting features slicing and dicing of information through sorting and filtering
    • BuyCube enables the end-user to see information clearly and in an interactive fashion.
  • Business intelligence allows businesses to collect, observe, and present data, to analyse, generate and execute ¬†queries against a collection of data to create reports and dashboards for decision makers.