Purchase to Payment Solution

What does Purchase to Payment mean?

  • Purchase to Payment means one cloud based software solution to manage your complete purchasing cycle – from purchase order creation, PO transfer to supplier via EDI or email, importation of corresponding invoices from the supplier via EDI, or as a emailed PDF attachment, validation and comparison of invoice to originating PO, automated allocation of selected chart of account codes to the invoice, .. then on payment approval, transfer of the invoice file to your accounts payable module.
  • Our solution is offered under two Licensing Agreement options for a fixed monthly fee: –
    • Option 1: Dedicated site– a web site badged as the License Holders own proprietary system – a dedicated site license holder may typically be a business operating multiple trading entities, locally, nationally, internationally.
    • Option 2: TheHub – an independent shared environment .. TheHub license holder would typically be a small business operating 1 – 5 trading entities. TheHub model does not preclude a license holder from requesting a dedicated site of their own.
  • Manage and control your complete purchasing function, improve and streamline invoice processing and supplier payment for unlimited geographically dispersed locations from a centralized head office.  No more tedious error prone manual data entry of invoices …..